A Wide Range Of Video Services



Want to sell a car? Maybe an item off the menu or a bunch of fishing tackle? Let NorthPro Video handle it for you. While our operation may be small, we employ all the forward thinking necessary to showcase your product or service. No one knows that information better than you. Together, we'll produce an ad that will get noticed.



No one knows your business better than you. And, if you're providing information and/or instruction for your products or services you may be missing out on a BIG profit center.


Imagine these scenarios:



Increase your business profits!What if you could neatly package and SELL these services to your customers? You can with video. It's a tremendous product and a constant reinforcement of your name, products and services. A professionally produced, neatly packaged DVD doesn't take up a lot of shelf space and can save you and your employees valuable time. You could be sharing those floral tips 15 times a day for free or make some money by selling a video with more in-depth information that will keep the customers coming back to the source. That's you. It's been proven time and again. That realty office may not sell the disc but imagine setting a prospective buyer down and viewing a home via a virtual tour. It sure beats pictures. It can also be formatted to run on the company Website…what a sales tool! The same goes for a resort, golf course or other tourism driven business. Instead of a simple brochure for inquiries why not send a DVD or integrate the video with your printed materials for double the marketing punch? These videos also make eye-opening point-of-purchase displays right in your store by drawing attention to specific products or services within reach of your customers. Let's get together and discuss how a carefully crafted and affordable video can make some money you may be missing out on right now. Call today, 715-362-4778. We look forward to sharing ideas with you!



The working press can be your best friend or worst enemy. Which one it is, is totally up to you, your employer or company. Journalists, both print and electronic can help you promote, generate support, rally community opinion behind you or literally bring the world down around your ankles.


My decades of media experience can help you or your company understand the media process, from conducting interviews to full-blown news conferences. From public relations to crisis management. I’ve done it all and will work with employees, management staff, communications professionals and others who have or may have contact with the media.


Contact me today to discuss your needs and I’ll get information out detailing how a sound media strategy should be an integral part of your business.



Looking for long-form video projects as a product, maybe a training video or in-store marketing tool? Let us help! We've done several of these projects over the years and have a great track record of success in the respected markets. That translates to $$$ in the register. Let's review your ideas and see what happens. You may not realize what the potential can be.



Several bands have approached us wanting to get their music up and out of the garage. We've succeeded by providing professional videos that can be sold, aired on private Websites or shared on sites like Facebook or YouTube. (Click here to see The Jerry Henry Band's "Midnight Train" video.) The traffic numbers jump when video is available. Let us help.



Face it, you have a stack of old 33 RPM records stashed someplace that haven't seen the light of day in years! Well, no more. Let us digitize those old records to a MP3 format for your ipod or other device. Maybe a CD to re-live those golden moments of vinyl to be played on your computer or in the car. Get ready to roll down the windows and crank it up because we do everything for you, even knock out some of the annoying hiss, crackles and pops of records (but some of that adds class!). Dust off that box and contact us today!



Who doesn't have a bunch of family videos tucked away on VHS tape? Well, that format is quickly disappearing and we can preserve those moments on disc for you. While we won't duplicate copyrighted movies, those family videos, vacations, birthdays and the like are prime candidates to save for years to come.


We've also been asked about adult content videos. We exercise the proper discretion and will faithfully reproduce what's provided to us, no questions asked. What you do on camera is your business, we're just here to help you enjoy it more (if that's possible in this case!) The utmost courtesy and confidence is employed.


Be advised that due to recent cases in matters of national security, if material is received that is questionable in nature, or may pose a threat, we will notify the proper authorities.


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